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Idées de cadeaux pour la Saint-Valentin

Looking for Valetine's Day gift ideas for friends and loved ones? Look no further. SteelSeries has your back. With discounts, find the perfect gift.

It's time to think outside the box when getting a gift for your loved one. For the gamer-girl or guy in your life (or let's face it, our headsets are great in any situation), getting a SteelSeries headset is the way to impress. Our new Arctis Nova series is versatile and chic, so even if they're a casual gamer or just want to chat with you long-distance, there's a perfect pair for everyone.

With our ongoing Valentine's Day Sale, it's the perfect opportunity to create an amazing night-in that includes gaming on a PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or other. We

Best Luxury Gift: ARCTIS NOVA PRO

Headset gift Valentine's Day

Show just how much your love means to your significant other with the Arctis Nova Pro headset. Experience superior audio on this wired headset with a Hi-Res Certified GameDAC Gen 2, which raises the audio resolution for 78% purer sound. Other than the included amplifier, the headset's audio already include our best drivers: the Nova Pro Acoustic System with Premium High Fidelity Drivers. Take even further with a fully customizable audio suite from Sonar, with incredibly immersive 360° Spatial Audio and noise cancellation AI algorithms.

Other than the best sound in the business, the Arctis Nova Pro is made with a durable steel headband and a stylish, metallic look (which is customizable further!), a comfort headband, and plush vegan leather earcups. With the included GameDAC Gen 2, easily manipulate all the settings you need and switch between two hooked-up systems. What's not to love?

GameSpot called the Arctis Nova Pro "the best Premium Gaming Headset."

Currently discounted to $224,99! Get the Arctis Nova Pro gaming headset now.

Best Mid-Range Gift: ARCTIS NOVA 3

Best Mid-range gift Valentine's Day

An amazing gift and a perfect mid-range headphone. The Arctis Nova 3 has custom-designed High Fidelity Drivers for awesome audio quality. It's a lightweight headset, extremely comfortable to wear, with 4 points of adjustability to find the perfect fit easily. It's compatible with PC, Mac, PlayStation, Switch, and mobile devices via USB-C (USB-A adapter is included!)

The real standout of this headset is the RGB on the plates. Customize it on PC and apply your signature colors in the dual-zone RGB lighting, from 16.8 million colors, and the settings will be remembered on your console, as long as the headset is plugged in via USB.

And don't take it just from us; IGN put the Arctis Nova 3 on their Best Budget Gaming Headsets 2023 list.

Currently discounted to $79,99, get the Arctis Nova 3 now!

Best Budget Headset: Arctis Nova 1 blanc

Best budget gift Valentine's Day

Many of our headsets are black, but stand out with this special version of the Arctis Nova 1 in white. This ultra-lightweight headset is the perfect comfort choice for the casual gamer or an entry point into other gaming gear. With 4 points of adjustability, it's easy to find the perfect fit that will keep you or your giftee comfortable.

With a 3.5mm jack, it's a great headset for any of your consoles or PC, but it's also a great option on-the-go with a mobile device. All the controls are right there on the headset, and the fully retractable mic makes it an attractive travel headset.

Dexerto awarded the Arctis Nova 1 White a 9/10 in their headset review.

Buy the Arctis Nova 1 White at only $44,99!

Extra Love: Booster Packs for Nova Headsets

Arctis Nova Booster Pack headset customize color.

Both the headband and the speaker plates of the Nova headsets are customizable! With 4 color options, take anything from the bold Cherry Red to the stylish Rose Quartz — the perfect theme for lovely Valentine's Day gifts. If either of those doesn't work, there are two more options.

Compatible avec : Arctis Nova 7, Arctis Nova Pro, Arctis Nova Pro Wireless (any console version works).

Found something you like? February 14th is coming up! Take advantage of our Valentine's Day Sale and shop around for great gaming headsets and more.

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