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6 Things Everyone Should Know Before Buying a PS4

With Final Fantasy VII's remake fast approaching, among other exciting PlayStation exclusives like Death Stranding, you may be considering picking up a PS4. Here's what you need to know first.

If you've been out of the console game for awhile, you might feel a bit lost, so here's a few simple tips to get you back in the know:

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1: Storage May Be an Issue

Current-gen games require console storage (around 40 GB) for improved gameplay experience, even if you have a disk. Consider buying the game digitally for an optimal experience. With a full game library, you could be hard pressed for space, but there are methods to switch out the internal drive to something a bit beefier.

2: PlayStation Plus Is Kinda Essential

PS Plus, the PlayStation’s annual membership service, is kind of needed for the online experience. In olden times with the PS3, online play was free, but with the PS4, Sony moved to a subscription service that starts at $60/year. It’s not all bad however – the subscription gifts you nice games from time to time, along with coupons. One thing to note that you won’t need it to just stream media – Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

3: PS4 is not backwards compatible

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Unlike the Xbox One, the PS4 can’t read any older game disks. However, you can get PS2 classics online through the digital store for around $14 a pop. PS1 and PS3 games are mysteriously missing, however.

4: When buying games, it often pays to be patient.

While most games release at a $59,99 price point, they don’t always stay there. Prices generally drop buy a substantial amount within a year or two. Ex. Spider-man was at one time $60 last year, but can now be found for $20-$30. Do some research on price history on a game to make sure you're buying it at a low price.

5: Batteries not included (but not needed anyway)

PS4 controllers don’t require batteries, thanks to a rechargeable lithium ion battery. You simple plug the controller into the PS4 to charge (you can still play while charging). Keep those Duracells for something else!

6: Get to know the Home Button

Double tap the home button to go to the previous app. You can’t go from game to game, but you can go from an app to a game and back.

We hope these tips will familiarize you with the PS4 before slapping down your hard-earned cash. Did we miss anything? What advice would you give someone buying a PS4 for the first time? Let us know on Twitter!