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Une souris eSport plus petite et plus légère

Building on the award-winning success of the Prime series franchise--co-developed in collaboration with over 100 pros--the newest edition to the Prime lineup introduces mini mice with max performance.

Fit, feel, and lightning-fast response time are crucial for fast attacks, melees, and (ultimately) wins. Today we are launching Prime Minis, featuring an ultra-lightweight, ergonomic shape with a smaller profile.

The Prime Mini is engineered to be 12% lighter and the Prime Mini Wireless comes in at 9% lighter, so gamers can easily wrap their hands around the mouse for better fit and control.

Prime Mini specs

Like every other mouse in the Prime lineup, Prime Minis are equipped with Prestige Optical Magnetic switches--the first ever magnetic switches in esports--giving you the fastest and most accurate clicks. They are engineered to last 5x longer than the competition, providing crispy clicks with lightning-fast response times that harness the power of light. Not all clicks are made the same--most degrade with each click of the mouse. The unique Prime Mini design utilizes a magnetic core to ensure that the 100 millionth click feels just as crispy as the first and you can beat the competition to the trigger every time.

Prestige OM swtiches in Prime mice

Check out the full specs.

Prime Mini

Prime Mini Plus petite. Plus légère. Featuring a battle-tested form factor mini shape that has been constructed for sustained comfort at the highest levels of play, the Prime Mini’s ultra-lightweight silhouette weighs in at a mere 61g. The hyper-durable framework withstands the most intense wear and tear, and a textured matte finish ensures a non-slip grip. The TrueMove Pro sensor provides esports pro performance, and onboard customization makes selecting settings easy.

Prime Mini sans fil

Prime Mini Wireless Smaller, lighter, and wireless. Taking the form factor shape of the Prime Mini and adding the option of being unbridled, the Prime Mini Wireless weighs in at only 73g to help reduce hand fatigue and a best-in-class battery provides features over 100 hours of gameplay plus fast charging. All the ingredients for victory come standard, including a hyper-durable design for intense wear and tear, a textured matte finish for a non-slip grip, and a TrueMove Air sensor for esports pro performance and onboard customization.

Every aspect of the Prime esports line was meticulously designed with a single goal in mind: la victoire. And you don't have to take just our word for it. Prime has been adopted by top CS:Go champions, including FaZe Clan’s Twistzz and Karrigan, to play in the world’s most competitive tournaments.

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