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10 Scary Games to Play on Nintendo Switch this Halloween

Looking for some spooky gaming fun this Halloween? Check out some of our top picks for a frighteningly good time.

Source: pixelkin

Pro tips for your Halloween gaming binge:

  • Turn out the lights to avoid glare and to help you see better in dark gameplay scenarios.
  • Wear headphones, like the Arctis 1 Wireless for Switch to experience full soundscape immersion...these games have great soundtracks, plus you'll want to hear those baddies sneaking up on you!
  • Start with a full charge - there's nothing worse than having your handheld die before you can save!
  • Take breaks - intense games can make you stare at the screen longer than usual. Rest your eyeballs at least once an hour to recharge.
  • Have fun...

And now for the list!

Luigi's Mansion 3

If light-hearted scares are more your speed, Luigi's Mansion 3 drops this Halloween. Luigi, Mario, and the gang received a mysterious invitation to stay at a luxurious hotel but all is not as it seems...and it's up to Luigi to save everyone from a terrible plot!

Little Nightmares: Compete Edition

Help Six & The Kid escape The Maw – a vast, mysterious vessel inhabited by corrupted souls looking for their next meal! This dark, yet whimsical platformer uses creative puzzles that combine stealth, know-how, and a bit of luck to solve.

Telltale's The Walking Dead

Survive the zombie apocalypse while trying to hold on to your humanity. As with all Telltale games, this episodic adventure series is completely interactive, in that the choices you make effect the story going forward. Play as Lee Everett, a convicted criminal whose life is altered when the world goes to hell. When he meets an orphaned girl named Clementine, Lee has the opportunity for redemption...but it won't be easy!

Friday the 13th the Game

If Halloween makes you want to cue up the slasher films, this one is for you. Visit Camp Crystal Lake, but the tables have turned! Play as Jason Vorhees, out for a night of doing what he does best - using a plethora of available weapons and kills. You can even unlock different movie encarnations of the iconic killer.

Resident Evil Series

No list of scary games to play in the dark would be complete without some good old Resident Evil! Relive your Raccoon City adventures or experience them for the first time with Resident Evil: Origins, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 4, and Resident Evil: Revelations. Plus, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 drop October 29.

Outlast Series

Welcome to Mount Massive Asylum, where investigative journalist Mark Upshur finds waaaay more than he bargained for! Outlast: Bundle of Terror includes the original game, plus the Whistleblower DLC. Then, keep the nightmare going with Outlast 2!


Take your frustrations out on the minions of Hell with non-stop action, impossible weapons, and a driving metal soundtrack. Be forewarned, though, you'll need a minimum of 32GB free storage for this bad boy. Plus, if you're feeling nostalgic, the first three classic Doom games are available for Switch, as well.

Layers of Fear: Legacy

Delve into this psychological and psychedelic horror game about a madness-engulfed painter striving to create his Magnum Opus. Collect personal items and explore his home, which is in constant flux - each move of the camera can shift the environment, making this a challenging and interesting tale.

Remothered: Tormented Fathers

This psychological horror game shows that nothing is as it appears. A missing persons case takes a turn for the nightmarish and players must create their own tactics for avoiding monsters. As your adventure takes a turn for the spoopy, use stealth, action, strategy, or simply hide and run to survive - it's up to you!


Those who receive the Mark will rapidly die of unknown, horrifying causes. And now you have it! To make matters worse, you've lost your memory, so you must head to a mysterious mansion to learn the truth before it's too late.


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