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A Letter from CTO Tino Soelberg

The recent headset roundup in WIRED Magazine made me reminisce a bit about the past.

Back when I was a young aspiring engineer in Copenhagen in the mid-nineties, one of the primary ways I stayed connected to what was going on in the tech scene was through WIRED Magazine. I knew exactly which day the monthly issue would be available in the only shop in town that had it, and I would go pick it up every month.

I would read about all these new ideas and technologies that none of my friends talked about, and it really opened my eyes to a world that I could only imagine becoming a part of. Sometimes it felt like i was reading something from the future, and I just knew that I felt so much at home there.

So it was very special when we at SteelSeries started getting mentions in WIRED. Throughout the years they have been good to us, and still every time WIRED is involved, I get a very special warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

About a week ago, they did a roundup of the Best Wireless Gaming Headsets for the 2019 holidays. I was so happy to see that 5 out of the 12 headsets in that list are ours - including Best Overall!

Gaming audio products are truly our bread and butter, and to be able to have such an impact in our most important category is simply amazing!

To all of my colleagues at SteelSeries:
Thank you for all your hard work in making this happen, you should be incredibly proud of yourselves - I know I am!

To WIRED Magazine and all of the amazing folks who have supported us over the years:
Thank you so much for embracing the products that we work very hard on, and for guiding us on how to make your gaming experience even better. Without you or your feedback, none of this would be possible!