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How to Unlock the WASP in Halo Infinite

Here's how you can unlock the UNSC WASP aerial vehicle in the newest installment of Halo.

Halo Infinite is chock-full of some of your favorite weapons and vehicles seen throughout the rest of the series. If you're spending a lot of time playing the campaign, you'll probably find yourself relying on said equipment to eliminate some of the Banished that descend upon Chief, just as you'll be using the vehicles to get around. One particularly useful craft is the UNSC WASP.

The WASP is an aerial vehicle that's low on durability, but highly maneuverable, armed with a machine gun and missile launchers, as well as the ability to hover in place. But where can you nab one of these incredibly useful vehicles when you want one, fast? Here's how you can go about it and zoom off into the proverbial sunset with the scalps, so to speak, of your Banished enemies.

How to unlock the WASP in the Halo Infinite campaign

The UNSC Wasp, in all its diminutive glory. Source: 343 Industries

First things first. There isn't a specific location you can find a W in Halo Infinite. If you've been searching tirelessly for some time, you can go ahead and stop now. Instead, the WASP has to be unlocked. To start, you need to achieve #24 on the list of Forward Operating Base (FOBs). You can do this by completing main story missions and earning Valor for doing so, liberating outposts and FOBs, and destroying the (often hilarious) Banished Propaganda Towers.

This can take a bit of time. You'll have to go head down and start playing hard if you want to unlock rewards, so it will take a bit of time if you have your eye on a WASP. It will require a large amount of Valor to unlock, and that means you'll need to either keep playing campaign missions, or specifically liberate FOBs and grind out Valor points to get what you're looking for. It's a good idea to project receiving the aerial vehicle closer to the game's third act. The key here is patience. You'll eventually unlock the WASP, but it will take some time.

When do you manage to reach the rewards tier after putting in the work required, you can simply have it dropped off for you whenever you need one. That's one advantage you have in Halo Infinite: when you've unlocked a specific piece of equipment and want it at that moment, you can have it sent to you via any FOB's vehicle terminal.

With the WASP, you can zip around the air throughout Zeta Halo with the greatest of ease. But its true, most important and unadulterated usage, is gunning down the Banished beneath you as you fly by a group. They won't know what hit them. It may seem a bit odd to have to unlock a specific vehicle, but once you find that you have unfettered access, it may soon become your preferred method of obtaining vehicles and weapons.

Now, get out there and be the best Spartan you can be...while taking out as many Banished as humanly possible.

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