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FIFA 20: 5 Tips to Step Up Your Game

FIFA 20 is finally here. Before you jump in feet first, these tips should help anyone get a leg up on the pitch.

Source: EA

Lay off the sprint button

Going ham on the sprint button is a natural impulse, but it has a big effect on how your player controls the ball. How many times have you accidentally ran out of bounds due to your sprinting? Go easy on sprinting until you have room to do so, or else you just might lose possession.

Source: FCG

Pick the right youth scouting locations

In Career Mode, you can send scouts to different regions in order to find youth players. Different regions have better chances of getting a certain type of player. For example, in FIFAs of recent years, you’re more likely to find a technically gifted player in Italy vs Africa.

In general, it pays to focus more on Central Europe, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and Argentina, as they are more likely to produce high-quality youth players.

That being said, make sure your scouts all have five stars. Anything less will be a waste of your time!

Source: EA

Defending isn’t all about tackling

When defending a player with the ball, you may find yourself trying to tackle them up and down the pitch to get the ball back. While it may work at times, it could also lead to foul, a card, or worse, a goal.

The key is to take your time and pick the right moment to strike by holding LT/L2 to jockey your opponent, essentially delaying them and getting in the way between them and the goal. Then, when you see a bad dribble or an opening, you can press B/Circle to make a move and gain possession back! EZPZ

Source: EA

Practice your passes

There are a ton of ways to pass the ball in FIFA, each more effective in certain situations. For instance, you may see your winger run up the side and have the urge to send a grounded through-ball their way with Y/Triangle, but if there are people in the way, you can send it in the air instead by holding LB/L1 and then pressing Y/Triangle. With multiple ways to cross, through-ball, and ground pass, there’s no shortage of ways to link up with teammates in FIFA.

When passing, you can link up a bunch of passes before they happen and even stop yourself if you mistakenly press something by simply both LT/RB on Xbox or L2/R1 on PS4.

Source: EA

Quick Tips

  • You can fake a shot by pressing shoot (B/Circle) and then immediately pressing ground pass (A/Cross)
  • Double tapping slide tackle will have your player slide and then quickly get back up, instead of taking their sweet ol’ time.
  • When on ball, double tap LB/L1 to have players make runs ahead of you and RB/R1 to have players come close for the ball.